Procesos y calidad 01Almond reception

Almond reaching Zaral facilities is analyzed on the spot in order to verify their physical and microbiological characteristics.

The quality department Zaral acquired almond notes that meets the parameters required, in order to ensure customer agreed quality product.


At this stage almond is classified and separated by different sizes, depending on the type of almond, the uses to which it will allocate and customer requirements.


The blanching is the process by which the brown almond skin (tegument) follows grain. At this stage very carefully controlled temperature and brewing time (moisture Almond never must not exceed 6%). This control is essential for Almond keep its organoleptic properties.


Almond, and classified by size through two selection processes, at least, so that it is free from imperfect grains or foreign matters.

Both teams are mechanically carried through art machinery and manually, by qualified and with extensive knowledge in the different varieties of almonds staff.

The degree of choice will depend on customer requirements and the uses to which will be allocated almonds.


Almond repelled beans, selected and free from foreign material may be intended for the manufacture of fillets, sticks, slivered almonds and flour, products that are raw material base industries such as pastries, chocolates and ice cream.


The final product after packaging, labeling and palletizing, is delivered to the customer premises, both nationally and internationally, in the shortest time possible, by means which ensure optimum conditions for maintenance and preservation during transport.